#1 How Is Creative?

| Date: 10/04/2020, 09:10 AM |

Which positions in event agency do they need creative skill?


Creativeness is needed in any job to produce more productivity, better products; make more satisfaction, more benefits, and more cost saving… to customers and clients…

Account Director/Manager, Event Director/Manager, Creative Director/Manager, Production Director/Manager, 3D and graphic designers are responsible for creativeness in event agency. They have creative thinking and creative skill on creating themes, concepts / ideas, images, contents…to meet brief required by clients as well as conduct the shows as designed.

However, in event agency, there are other positions having creative skill by their own ways when doing shows. They are production and setup crew and event crew. Although not often appearing in front of everyone’s sight but their creativeness on the site fully enhances success of shows, especially to requests on short noticed from clients.


A typical case of creativeness on site

A typical case of creativeness on site is that YesEvents provided our service as event agency to handle the show "Coats celebrates 25 years in Vietnam” in 2014 in Ho Chi Minh City attended over 350 guests, including representatives from both the Vietnam and UK governments, customers, and suppliers. As around one hour to the welcome guest’s time, the public relation assistant of global CEO requested one more confident monitor for the next slide of PowerPoint presentation (currently there were one monitor for current slide and one monitor for note). The difficulty at this moment was that we did not have enough time to re-arrange signal cables in time so that the CEO could do the last rehearsal on his presentation. 

After discussion with our colleague (an operator), we confirmed to arrange the additional monitor in time for CEO. The operator proposed not to re-arrange the signal cables at AV console but arrange one signal cable from the additional monitor to connect a laptop at the backstage (around 10 meters), and he would control the laptop. In this show, we used the projection screen, so he easily followed the PowerPoint on the screen from behind. Every time he saw the slides (or animations) moved by CEO, he moved the slides (or animations) of Power Point in his laptop. Everything went smoothly from the CEO’s rehearsal to the end of the show. The client gave us many compliments on quick and effective solution on their request on very short noticed. In this case, we did not tell our client how we did but we brought the result as they needed.


The client’s request on short noticed would not be meet if there was not the creative solution from the operation crew on site. In our Event Management Company YesEvents, we recognize it as on-site creativeness to quickly meet clients’ proper requests on short noticed, but it still ensure the technical factors, nice correction for the show.




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