What makes the reliability for YesEvents?

| Date: 26/08/2020, 10:04 AM |

In daily life and work, we usually hear (and see) the word "Reliability” which everyone talks about. Reliability looks like a measure of trust and commitment in life and in business. So, what is the reliability of Event Management Company in Hochiminh City - YesEvents?


What is reliability defined and made by? 

Reliability is defined as the probability that a product, system, or service will perform its intended function adequately for a specified period or will operate in a defined environment without failure. 

The most important factors in this definition must be clearly understood to fully know how the reliability of a product or service is conceived.

  • Probability: the likelihood of mission success
  • Intended function: for example, to light, cut, rotate, or heat.
  • Satisfactory: perform according to a specification, with an acceptable degree of compliance
  • Specific period of time: minutes, days, months, or number of cycles
  • Specified conditions: for example, temperature, speed, or pressure.


Stated another way, reliability can be seen as:

  • Probability of success
  • Durability
  • Dependability
  • Quality over time
  • Availability to perform a function.


What is the difference between Quality and Reliability?

Reliability has sometimes been classified as "how quality changes over time." The difference between quality and reliability is that quality shows how well an object performs its proper function, while reliability shows how well this object maintains its original level of quality over time, through various conditions.  

For example, a quality vehicle that is safe, fuel efficient, and easy to operate may be considered high quality. If this car continues to meet this criterion for several years and performs well and remains safe even when driven in inclement weather, it may be considered reliable.


Asking a few key questions can help one determine the difference between both quality and reliability:

  • Quality = Does the object perform its intended function? If so, how well does it perform its intended function?
  • Reliability= To what level has said object maintained this level of quality over time?

(Source: https://asq.org/quality-resources/reliability)


According to the above definitions and factors, what is the reliability of Event Management Company in Hochiminh City - YesEvents?


Dedication, enthusiasm, creativity, earnest, transparency, reasonable cost, and high quality are our solid foundation and ithasbeen proven by great feedback from our clients via events handled by Event Management Company in Hochiminh City - YesEventsduring the past 10 years.

Additionally, YesEvents focus on good service, nice correction, good looking, well-managed timing, safety for each item. Event Company in Hochiminh City – YesEvents’partners and suppliers always trust to give top priority to us to provide the best quality of servicesto clients.


YesEvents engages to provide high-quality service for each event, always remains and improve our quality of service. The factors which make of our reliability includes:

  • Timing: always prepare scheduled plans in detail and proper to complete items in time and in reasonable costs
  • Quality: must have good steps to check quality (and quantity) of all items to ensure that they meet expectation as agreed
  • Reasonable costs: always propose the best options for cost-saving.
  • Good working-manner: supportive, cooperative, faithful, not only for client but also for partners, suppliers. The working manner is for common objectives and for successful event.
  • Safety: safety must be in the top of mind in event management. It needs to anticipate situation, issues that may be happened to affect quality, schedule; especially affect safety to participants. Therefore, we should have plans, backup options for situation.


YesEvents is the reliable event management company in Hochiminh City with the representative office in Phu Quoc.