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| Date: 15/09/2020, 09:30 AM |

5 ideas for giftset during COVID-19 pandemic


The year of 2020 is considered a forgettable milestone for most businesses all over the world with fluctuations in life, economy, and society. Particularly, businesses in event industry have been concerning and wondering how to stand firm as well as retain clients throughout pandemic.


In this sharing, Event Management Company in Ho Chi Minh City – YesEvents would like to propose some approaches to remind your company’s image to customers. In different opportunities, different gifts varying in values and meanings are selected to make impression to guests or customers. During COVID-19 pandemic, health protection gifts are practical presents.


Event Management Company in Hochiminh City – YesEvents would like to propose 5 ideas for giftset which supports and consolidates health value during COVID-19 pandemic.


  1. Medical giftset

Based on the idea of rescue kit, our suggestion is a zipper medical kit containing basic medical equipment. This is a hands-on and accessible gift set for travel or family medicine cabinet.

Also, following the trend of outing trips especially trekking by most companies, this is an indispensable kit to every journey and will leave a deep impression to organizing companies thereafter. Beyond the priority to participants’ safety purpose, this medical gift set also is efficient in supporting housewives in taking care of their families, which in turn enhances their role.


  1. Thermometer

With the idea of providing giftset during COVID-19 when close contact between human beings seems to be restricted. Therefore, we - reliable event management company in Hochiminh City – YesEvents would like to propose the second gift, which we can vouch for its necessity to our clients. This is infrared thermometer. You can use it to measure temperature for family members or acquaintances from a quite distance. It is also an essential gift for housewives to take care of their families and guarantee their family health to the society.


  1. Hygiene hand gel

When talking about health issues, we have sayings like, "prevention is better than cure”, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away”. The event company in Hochiminh City – YesEvents would like to introduce to our clients a "Hygiene and Safety for Health" set including hand gel with key chain, mask, and mini mouthwash bottle. This is the handiest gift set in pandemic season. We highly recommend our clients to offer this set which provides high quality with reasonable cost for your customers.


  1. Up-to-date facemask

Surely everyone still remembers the crisis period where face mask supply was running low not only in Vietnam but also all over the world; in the present, the market of face mask is stable and remains sufficient in Vietnam. However, can regular face masks protect us from PM 2.5 dust? The reliable event company in Hochiminh City – YesEvents is pleasant to share some good news to you; a special and multi-functional face mask can shield us from PM 2.5 dust from Xiaomi. The gift set consists of 2 masks and accessories along with a message of trust in technology to protect the health of the customer.


  1. Relaxing massage set

Event Management Company YesEvents would like to introduce a breakthrough product that can bring an unprecedented experience in the present era and pairs well with your online events. The set consists of an eye massage and a massage pillow. The gift conveys the wish to bring customers the most physical and comfortable experience in online events.



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