Concept For Christmas (Noel/Xmas) Party 2020

| Date: 15/10/2020, 03:45 PM |

The end of the year is an opportunity to reflect on the past twelve-month period and appreciate the achievements. Christmas party assembles above features which contribute to encourage and promote teamwork. Acknowledging the requirements and demands, Event Company in Ho Chi Minh city YesEvents would like to propose unique and entertaining concepts for your company Christmas party.


  1. Christmas Party concept | Masquerade Ball

The mysterious and noble European costume party is one of the unique for Christmas party. Theme colors for Christmas party are mostly green and red, but for the Masquerade Ball, dark shades like black, purple, deep red and gold are requisite for conveying the classic style. A significant element contributing to define the characteristic of this style is the mask. Ho Chi Minh city Event Management Company with an experienced production team ensures to bring customers a glamorous theme-tailored party.


  1. White XmasParty concept

Inspired by the angel fancy, white Xmas party utilizes pure white color combining with sparkling gold, blue, glitter accessories and simple decorative motifs, adding flashing fairy light to highlight the space. YesEvents - event company in Ho Chi Minh city is an expert in planning and organizing Christmas party. With white Christmas party, we intend to bring a fresh Christmas sensation to customers.


  1. High Society Gala for Noel party

The idea of High Society Gala for noel party is influenced by the British aristocracy gala, along with melodious dance rhythms, soft and subtle pattern to enhance luxury for the Noel party. This is one of the elegant and aristocratic concepts that event company in Ho Chi Minh City – YesEvents proposes to customers.


  1. Snow & Ice for Xmas Party

With practical idea of winter in remote regions of Europe, YesEvents - event management company in Ho Chi Minh City apply the iconic image of a simple Xmas party: cold white snow, snowman and snow-covered dry trees which bringing a frosty setting. You can choose this concept and venue for your own party by combining cotton, fragrance candle, dried branches & flower.


  1. SantaClaus House for Christmas party

Inspired by the story of Santa Claus and green elves preparing gifts for children. Event Company in Ho Chi Minh city - YesEvents would like to propose to customers the traditional Christmas party style with the main colors of red - white - green and colorful gift boxes and funny photography props which will create a suitable Christmas atmosphere for everyone.




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