Writing Event Proposal for Corporate with HSSBC Method

| Date: 27/04/2022, 02:29 AM |

HSSBC in Proposal for Corporate Events


YesEvents - Event Management Company in Ho Chi Minh city has shared how to apply Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs in event proposal. In this sharing, YesEvents will share the essentials in event proposal for corporate.


For a suitable event proposals for corporate clients, we can flexibly and creatively apply the HSSBC formula (often referred to as the "Hiệp Sĩ Săn Bắt Cướp") which is quite popular in digital marketing.


  1. H - Headline (Hook) in event proposal for corporate

Literally, it is the title but if applied to the event proposal, it can be understood as the event theme. The theme should be impressive, curious, easy to read, easy to understand, easy to remember, new and different. The event theme can be seen as "Big concept" for the entire event.


The theme of the event proposal depends on the type of corporate event, but in general, the following factors are needed:

  • Up to 8 words
  • Includes brand name
  • Convey key messages.
  • Includes the keywords of the event
  • Use huge numbers, trend-based words


It is possible to refer to some themes that Event Management Company in Ho Chi Minh city - YesEvents found quite well-rounded and meaningful: Bền Kết Nối - Vững Trọng Tâm, BienDong Cinema, Anticipate Tomorrow – Deliver Today, Breaking the Barriers, Hand in Hand Together, Gọi Ngày Mới, Success & Forward to The Future, Lễ Tình Nhân Gắn Kết Tình Thân, All in Disco, Nàng Ngọc Vươn Mình, We Change The Games…



  1. S 1 – Selling Point 1 in the corporate event proposal

In the HSSBC formula, the S1 is what we have but the competitors do not have. In the corporate event proposal, S1 is the idea developed from the theme. It is intended to interpret, prove the theme, help event attendees understand the meaning of the event theme and the message they want to convey.


This S1 includes design ideas (key visual, visuals and images), artwork, decoration, and display items, etc.), ideas about activities and entertainment...during the event. These ideas are closely linked and combined – some ideas will be the key moments (highlight) for the event.


These ideas need to create a good "story" to convey the full range of messages (during the event) to attendees and make them experience in both emotionally and physically.


It may be the same or similar in terms of the theme of the event, but it is important to create ideas and implement them – this is what matters. Therefore, the S1 is considered what you have but the competitors do not have. And this is also the reason why clients choose you instead of your competitors.



  1. S2 – Selling Point 2 in the proposal for corporate clients

The S2 is considered what you have, and the competitors also have. Your ideas are special, different, but not distinct (not feasible) – meeting the basic requirements of suitability, practicality, feasibility. The goal is to create peace of mind for the clients, ensuring the ideas will be implemented smoothly.


We can demonstrate by the specifications, the current technologies/techniques and equipment applied, how to operate or organize it, the events of similar nature and scale that you have successfully handled... The equipment, technology, techniques used in the field of event services are now almost very popular, so the event companies in Vietnam are accessible. So, the matters are what, how, when to apply to your ideas. This is seen as what you have, and your competitors also have.



  1. B – Branding / Message: brand or message conveyed in corporate events

This is also an important factor addition to the event theme to impress the attendees, make attendees remember the information conveyed during the event, remind attendees of the brand or product.


These messages can be conveyed in many ways, many different means, and at the right time to fit each part of the "story" in the event. Event management companies can convey messages through printed and decorated items, video clips, technology equipment, visual equipment, light equipment, and performances...


The content of these messages (including theme) depends on the nature or purpose of the event, the audience, the venue of the event, the event organized by which department of the client (each department of the client when organizing the event will have a different purpose, different guests)


If you do a good job of conveying the message, the event management companies will help attendees remember the content and be impressed with the event they attend, which is also one of the important purposes that clients require.



  1. C - Call to Action: can be interpreted in the event proposal as "commercial"

The ideas proposed by the event companies in the event proposal in addition to being new, special, different, creative; must include factors: feasibility (implemented), practicality, and economic. The idea, no matter how good but it can't be sold to the clients (they do not buy) means that the idea is not suitable for this event.


The final goal of event companies when writing proposals is to convince clients to buy their "products".


In short, there are many ways to write event proposals, but Event Management Company in Ho Chi Minh city - YesEvents found that the HSSBC is simple, easy-to-understand, easy-to-apply.  Event management companies can also create their own methods of writing event proposals, as long as they can sell them to their clients.



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