Which Online Platform Should an Event Company Advertise On?

| Date: 11/12/2023, 04:21 PM |

Here are some online advertising platforms that event management companies can consider:


  1. Google:
  • Google is the most popular search engine, and advertising on Google Ads helps event management companies appear at the top of search results when users search for event management services.
  • Google Ads also supports advertising on display networks, YouTube, and Google partners.
  1. Facebook:
  • Facebook is a large social media platform where event management companies can advertise their services to a wide audience.
  • Facebook provides precise tools to select the target audience, geographic location, and advertise videos, images, or posts.


  1. Instagram: If your company mainly targets young people, Instagram can be an effective platform to share event photos and videos.
  1. LinkedIn:
  1. Eventbrite:
  • This online platform is mainly designed for online events and online ticket sales.
  • Eventbrite can also be used to advertise event management services to reach customers.
  1. YouTube:
  • Used to advertise attractive video content.
  • If the event management company needs to advertise the company’s intro clip or the event that has been organized, this is a good and effective channel.


  1. Pinterest: Pinterest is a suitable place to share ideas and images about fashion, art, and creativity. Event management companies can use this platform to share their event ideas and designs.
  1. Yellow Page
  • This online platform can help event management companies find information and B2B customers.
  • Advertising on Yellow Page can help event management companies stand out in search results on Yellow Page and Google


The choice of online advertising platform depends on the specific characteristics and strategy of each event management company in Ho Chi Minh City and Vietnam. It is also important to measure performance and optimize online advertising strategies over time.