What Is The Reliable Event Company?

A reputable (reliable) event management company is one that operates professionally in planning, organizing, and managing events.

Which Online Platform Should an Event Company Advertise On?

Online advertising platforms are an important part of the advertising strategy for event management companies today. The choice of platform depends on many factors such as target customers, advertising objectives, budget, and the type of services provided by the event management company in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

Can ChatGPT Assist Event Companies?

ChatGPT can be a valuable tool for any event company as it can help with event agenda, document creation, client interaction and financial management, and planning …

Writing Event Proposal for Corporate with HSSBC Method

YesEvents - Event company in Ho Chi Minh city, would like to share how to appy HSSBC method in event proposal for corporate clients.

Event Proposal & Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs

How do we apply Maslow's pyramid to the "hierarchy of needs" in an event proposal? Event Management Company in  Hochiminh City - YesEvents would like to share about the required steps of the "hierarchy of needs" in a proposal event

Concept for Year End Party 2021

Event Management Company in Hochiminh City - YesEvents would like to share unique collected concepts for your corporate year end party in 2021.

5 Concept for Christmas Party 2021

Reliable event company in Hochiminh City – YesEvents shares concepts for corporate Christmas party in 2021.

Conference and Meeting | What is Different?

Conference, meeting, and other kinds | What are differences for event management service?

Concept For Year-End Party 2020

Event Company in Ho Chi Minh city - YesEvents would like to propose ideas for year-end party 2020 after social distancing and work-from-home period due to Covid-19 pandemic.

Concept For Christmas (Noel/Xmas) Party 2020

Event Management Company in Ho Chi Minh City - YesEvents would like to propose unique and entertaining concepts for your company Christmas party.